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Kardit Virtual Card

Designed for Seamless Online Payments

Pay for the things that you want conveniently online.

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Spend with your card anywhere

Use Kardit Virtual Card to make payment online anywhere on all your favorite platforms across border. whether you want to shop online, book rides, stay entertained, pay for digtal ads, or conveniently make other payments online, Kardit Virtual Card is your ticket to payment freedom.

This Card is a prepaid card and can be used to purchase goods and services on all websites and applications that accept master card or visa dollar cards.

Easy online shopping

You like to shop online?, okay we got you. Make payment on local and international shopping websites with ease.

Seamless Payments

Fund locally, pay globally. Liimiteless, borderless, & unrestricted using Kardit virtual card to make all your online payment.

Your streaming plug

Renew your Netflix, Apple Music, and other streaming platform subscription without delays. Making everything fun.

Join the virtual card tribe across the world

Multiplatform Functionality

Easy To Use

No outrageous Fees

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