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Gift Card

The perfect gift for everyone, every time

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You can’t go wrong with a Kardit® Gift Card

Choosing just the right gift isn’t easy. That’s why a Kardit Gift Card is always appreciated — because they’re accepted just like cash for shopping, dining and entertainment, even online.

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How it works

Kardit Gift Cards. So simple. So convenient.


Choose from a variety of designs to send the perfect gift for any occasion.


Purchase gift cards online and choose to send as a plastic card by mail or as an eGift by email.


Flexibility to use the gift card to shop online or add to a mobile wallet & make purchases

Why gift cards are such a great idea

A fast, easy gift

Perfect for holidays, weddings, graduation and anything in between, Kardit Gift Cards take the stress out of giving.


Accepted worldwide

Whoever receives the card isn’t limited to just one store. They can use their gift card anywhere that Kardit is accepted.

A personal touch

Take your pick from a number of different gift card designs perfectly suited to any occasion.

Safer than cash

Zero Liability Protection keeps your recipient safe from unauthorized purchases if their card is lost or stolen after registration.