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Kardit Fleet Card

Card solutions for savings & simpler fleet management

For Individual fleets

Small Business Fleets

Corporate Business Fleets

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Kardit Fleet Card saves you time, money and administration.


Monitor your vehicle fleet fuel consumption spending and restrict purchases.


Kardit Fleet Card is accepted across Nigeria, with Zero network or cash related issues when fueling.


Points accumulation as a Loyal Customer for a lot of great offers and discounts


Minimal contact purchase. One monthly consolidated invoice to simplify your accounting.

The Right Fleet Card for Your Business

Provides significant fuel cost savings and controls to businesses or individuals with small, medium or large fleet of automobiles.

As fleet managers, you are under pressure to find ways to better manage costs in fuel and maintenance, while ensuring that drivers of your fleet are adhering to company policy. The more visibility into spend that you have, the more productivity and cost savings you can gain.

The Kardit Fleet Card program helps control spending at the driver’s level by letting you set spending limits and track spending.

What can you do with the Card?

Create users

Create Vehicles and map them to cards

Create Drivers and map them to Vehicles

Make payments and view payments history

Control fleet fueling

View reports/ Block/ reassign fuel cards